Call for Papers

We invite all the presenters of the 11th International Conference on Multilingualism and Third Language Acquisition to submit their conference contribution for publication. Original and previously unpublished papers on research on multilingualism and acquisition of L3 or more languages are welcome.

The submission should be no more than 7,000 words (including tables, references, figure captions, footnotes, endnotes). All manuscripts must include a title, an abstract (maximum of 200 words) and 3-6 keywords. The format specifications will depend on the journal/editor in which the papers will be published. We will give this information after to the authors of the selected papers​.

All papers will be peer reviewed.

We intend to publish the papers in a special issue of an international journal or in an edited volume with an internationally prestigious editorial (in English). Publication channels will be decided after the submission process.

New submission deadline: January 13, 2019

The submissions should be sent to the following e-mail address: